Anwyn (anthraxia) wrote in sca_snark,

Paraphrased from a recent event...

"Yeah, I know we were told there were kids in the middle room, and to use the end doors. But seriously, you're going to bitch about me being loud and drunk outside the door at 10pm? Don't you know this event has a tavern? If I wanna get loud and drunk, what's it to you? If your kids can't sleep through an event, don't bring 'em..."

"Oy! You! Parent! Tell your stinking noisy kids that some of us have hangovers! Don't they know civilised people never crawl out of bed before 10am on a Sunday? If you can't keep them quiet in the mornings at an event, don't bring 'em!"

I was good, I did not give the children recorders, much as I wanted to.
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