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Oh Dear God

What have they done?

SCA Snark.
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The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can get just about any explanation or definition that you look for.

As far as this community is concerned, here's a good definition of "snark."

Snark refers to a concise, clever comment that's referential to something. It's normally jagged, like sarcasm, but it involves more creative thinking than a sarcastic comment does. It can be in reference to something from popular culture, or a turn-of-the-phrase that creates something original from it's source material.

OK, that said, there are some great things that go on in the SCA.

There are some nasty things, some stupid things and some pretty bizarre things.

If you can be can be creative and make sense, have at it!

Just a couple of rules.

1. No name-calling or personal attacks. You should have gotten over that at age 5.

2. Stay on topic. If you have a tangent snark and it's different enough, take it to a separate post.

3. Do not use the phrase "Nazi" in any context. It is offensive.

4. Do not delete your threads or comments. You said it. Live with it. ("Post later" is your friend.)

5. This seems obvious, but don't put up a post with comments disabled. That defeats the purpose.

6. Use common sense

7. Yes, we have a Rule 7. It;s a compromise rule. As a group we have discussed sockpuppet posts. There are various opinions. Here's the deal: If you feel you must post with an account that is not traceable to you, please do us the courtesy of using an established account. Posts put up by empty or near-empty accounts will be removed.